Reen Pier

Reen Peir

All of our boat trips to Innisfallen Island and the Gap of Dunloe start at Reen Pier. The pier is just a 2mins walk from Ross Castle. From the car park, you can follow the signs to Reen Pier to find your tour boat waiting next to the boathouse.

History of Reen Pier

Nestled in the heart of Killarney National Park on the edge of Lough Leane (Lake of Learning) the largest of the lakes of Killarney you will find Reen Pier where your trip begins. While the history of Innisfallen island dates back to 640AD, Reen Pier itself also has a very interesting history.

The boathouses you see on the pier today were built in 1861 to house the royal barges brought to Killarney from London for Queen Victoria’s visit to Killarney in the summer of 1861. Queen Victoria stayed at the nearby Muckross House during her visit to Killarney and the influences of the Royal visit can still be seen around Killarney today. The Boathouses are now the home of the Workman’s Rowing Club which was founded back in 1920. We are delighted to be a part of this famous pier’s history.

How to find Reen Pier and your Tour

Reen Pier from Ross Castle Car Park
Reen Pier from Ross Castle Car Park

Getting to Reen Pier

 Reen Pier (near Ross Castle) is 3km from Killarney Town Centre. To get to Reen Pier you can drive, walk, cycle or take the Killarney Executive Tours Hop on Hop off Bus. 

Parking is free at Reen Pier, it get very busy in the summer months so we advise you arrive early so as to not to miss your tour. 

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